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Integrated marketing communications: The process for creating, delivering and communicating customer value
to the marketplace.

Simply put, we develop, design and deploy integrated marketing communications (IMC) services for our clients. The key word here is “integrated,” a direct contrast to the big-agency mentality of building disconnected silos around each piece of the IMC process and charging accordingly.

For those of you who left your Marketing 101 textbooks at home today, IMC goes well beyond simply generating a sale or lead. Rather, IMC is the soup-to-nuts process for creating, delivering and communicating customer value to the marketplace. The fundamental building blocks include:

  • Market research and analysis

  • Strategic marketing planning

  • Brand management and positioning

  • Creative design and message development

  • Media planning, budgeting and implementation

  • Outstanding, careful and timely program execution

  • Results measurement and program adjustments

Of course, each of our clients approaches us from a different place along the IMC spectrum. On one end, some clients already have highly developed internal marketing processes and look to us for a set of well-defined deliverables. This could be as tactically specific as developing one ad for a particular trade journal or, more broadly, creating and delivering an entire campaign. On the other end of the spectrum are our clients who basically outsource to Welland Laike the management of their entire marketing program.

The Point: We are experienced marketing managers who marshal the strengths and resources of numerous communication professionals to do everything necessary to help our clients achieve their business goals.



“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

The Welland Laike team provides the following marketing services:

Brand Strategy

  • Research

  • Brand Management and Position

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Measurement

Traditional Marketing Communication

  • Display Advertising

  • Brochures/ Leave-Behind

  • Broadcast (Television, Cable, Radio Production)

  • Direct Mail

  • Newsletters

  • Out-of-Home

  • Trade Show

  • Video Production

  • Copywriting


  • E-Marketing Planning

  • Online Advertising Design, Programming, Buying and Implementation

  • Website Content Development and Design

  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign Planning, Implementation and Tracking

  • Email Marketing and E-newsletters

  • PowerPoint Presentations and Related Technologies

Public Relations

  • Media Relations

  • Placement and Earned Media

  • Media Training

  • Crisis Management

  • Special Events

  • Speech Writing and Coaching

  • Op-ed and Article Writing

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