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Doar, Drill & Skow

Established Law Firm Gets Aggressive

When the 120-year-old law firm of Doar Drill & Skow wanted to create a higher profile for its personal injury practice, it called on Welland Laike to research and develop a new marketing strategy.

The Objective: Create a user-friendly brand image for Doar Drill & Skow, as research confirms that most individuals feel intimidated by lawyers – even their own.

The Strategy: Initially, we created a look to highlight the need for capable, experienced legal representation in any personal injury case. The Doar Drill & Skow Took Care of Me campaign makes the transition from someone seeking representation to someone who found help with Doar Drill & Skow. That campaign was adapted to the firm’s criminal law practice as well.

The Results: Marketing a law firm is a difficult task. One must work within proper ethical boundaries, yet deliver a compelling case in a tasteful manner. The ads that resulted were fresh and personal, unique for the market and professional, matching the firm’s other practice areas.

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