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SiebenCarey Personal Injury Law

Regional Law Firm Says “Know Your Rights”

When the Minneapolis law firm of SiebenCarey decided to promote a personal injury practice in the 1980s, it challenged a long-held taboo against legal advertising. Welland Laike was there to guide the firm with marketing strategy, creative and implementation. When the firm decided to rebrand 30 years later, Welland Laike again was called on to lead the way.

The Objective: Plan and execute a brand marketing and advertising program that generates results while positioning the firm above the “ambulance chasing” fray.

The Strategy: Starting with the slogan Know Your Rights, we created tasteful television, radio and print advertising based on the exceptional credentials of the firm. Special on- and offline strategies target specific market segments, including referring attorneys, chiropractors, ethnic and minority groups and others. Most recently, Welland Laike guided the firm on rebuilding and optimizing its website, overhauling its pay-per-click and online advertising program and accelerating organic search traffic.

Each lawyer is also supported with a personal marketing plan that fits individual talents and interests with particular market niches. All of this is built on a comprehensive marketing and business plan that is annually reviewed and redeveloped.

The Results: Hundreds of potential clients contact the law firm each month through online and traditional advertising, professional referrals and word-of mouth recommendations.

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